Help to Discover The Identity

          Many students want to know their true identities, but they are unsure how to find what they need to develop it. In a high school, students transition to adulthood, which leads them to figure out what they want to be in the future. This time period is very important because it helps them […]

Person’s Identity

(Visualize us, n.d.)         Each one of us has his or her own identity that is different from others. There are different people, so there are different identities. However, a person’s identity itself is always changing depending on many things. We realize that Identity is multi-faceted, and includes many traits in each person, which depend […]

Giving Effective Feedback

(Newton, 2013)         In everyday situations, people need to give feedback for each other because it is a good way to improve themselves. Through this exchange between each other people can get a better understanding about what they do. Sometimes, they want to know if  they are doing well or not, because they may […]

My motivation to learn

      Motivation is an important factor that impacts on ourselves. It comes from inside us, to support our ability to achieve goals and excel in life. Keeping our spirits high helps us to  achieve our aspirations and goals. According to Paula, “Students are motivated when they believe they are able to succeed at a given […]

Prior Knowledge

      Activating Prior Knowledge Strategy is very important, and can help teachers improve their lessons helpful. Using prior knowledge, teachers can better understand what their students know about the topic. In addition, it helps students to make connections between what they already know and the new knowledge that they will learn in the class. According […]

Explicit and Implicit Memory

  In life, we can learn in different ways. One way is to learn without awareness or intention, and the other way we learn is with rules and discipline.  According to Wikipedia, “A dual process theory provides an account of how a phenomenon can occur in two different ways, or as a result of two […]

First Blog : Sleep and Memory

One day, I had a final exam for one of the last classes of my university, and I had a lot of important information in each chapter, which I had to remember in my mind very well. I got tired because I spent all day studying.  I thought that I could not remember anything that […]