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        Many students want to know their true identities, but they are unsure how to find what they need to develop it. In a high school, students transition to adulthood, which leads them to figure out what they want to be in the future. This time period is very important because it helps them to discover their true identities, but they cannot get this by themselves. They need someone who knows what to do, to light the way for them. Teachers play an important role in this period by helping them to find their identities. So, good relationships between students and teachers are significant to enabling students to find their students’ identities and develop them.

        First of all, during the relationship between them, teachers do not need to impose an identity on students. Teachers should help them to explore their identities by themselves through effective discussion in class about their ideas and how students see themselves in the future. During this discussion, teachers can help students think about what they want to do after they graduate high school. In this case, teachers could act as counsel for their students and provide the necessary information for them.

        Teachers can help students to engage in activities that help them find their identities. For example, career day is one of beneficial activity that could be established at schools, to help students and to support teachers to understand their students’ identities in the future. Ehen teachers and students engage in the activities of career day, teachers can see their what professions their students prefer, and thus they will easily find their students’ identities.

        In addition, The collaboration between teachers and the school administration could be helpful to provide programs, which help students by giving a appropriate guidance for them to find a good academic major, which leads to beginning the right career path in their future. For example, the Saudi Ministry of High Education established a Job Fair, to help students who are graduating from the King Abdullah Scholarship Program connect with their Identities of study and achieve their passion. This Job Fair is an encouraging environment and is open every year.

        Teachers should seek to be Inspirational in their classes to have a positive impact on their students. If there is a good relationship with students, teachers will help students to grow out of a faked personality and into a true personality, because they will know that hiding behind a mask will not help a teacher to find his/her student’s identity. According to the short film, Identity (Adames, 2012), your identity is unique, so you do not need to put on a mask to hid it.


        In conclusion, the final goal of helping students to find their identities is to put students on the right path to have a successful future, which is possible if their teacher makes every effort to support them. Students should have their identity recognized by their teachers and parents so they can walk in the shining path with more confidence and without hiding.



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4 thoughts on “Help to Discover The Identity

  1. Reply 19: Help to Discover The Identity
    Thank you for your Blog. The question of how to find ones’ identity is quite perplexing. If we are to believe Bracher (2006) then identity formation begins with validating the self and having the self recognized. Bracher (2006) argues that academic pursuits are not ones’ identity but rather a goal for the self-identity to obtain, although many people equate his or her identity with a profession. This according to Bracher (2006) does not constitute self-identity.
    You are absolutely correct for the need of teachers to explore academic possibilities with students. This exercise does assist the student to think about who they are, and what they wish to become. However, does exploring future careers, gives us our self-identity? Or perhaps our identities are ingrained in a group identity, whether it is based upon nationality, ethnicity, gender, religious affiliation, etc.
    I do agree with Bracher (2006) that we are more than a group identity, we are more than the profession we aspire to, we are more than all those things which are merely attributes either by membership or by obtainment. So who are we? As a lifelong learner, I am on a journey which from time to time seeks for my identity.

  2. This is a great comment.

    “In conclusion, the final goal of helping students to find their identities is to put students on the right path to have a successful future”

    I would further this statement by suggesting that students have to be able to define what successful means for themselves. Are students achieving what they truly want or are they following a path that has been set for them? Are they happy in what they do and do they derive value from the outcomes that they are seeking? If we can get students to understand this concept and be reflective at an early age, we accomplish much as a society. Thanks for the post.

  3. I agree with you that teachers should help students to come into their own tdenties without imposing their values, beliefs and passions onto their students. And thank you for a small glimpse into your culture.

  4. Dear Amal,
    These are important thoughts for us, as educators, to consider.

    While Bracher may only regard the development of the academic, as a step towards total identity development, I feel there is room for more growth here.

    I believe what you say about career fairs about playing a part in helping students to discover their hidden talents as well as getting closer to understanding who they are as individuals as well.

    I could also see a place for academic career fair as well. They would operate the same way as a career fair, but let the students know the realities of university life, what their ideal major will really prepare them for, as well the true day-to-day expectations of a university student.

    The more we can help our students to take advantage of the skills they posses, as well as helping them to find the path that will benefit them the most, we help ourselves become the teachers we have always wanted to be.

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