Help to Discover The Identity

          Many students want to know their true identities, but they are unsure how to find what they need to develop it. In a high school, students transition to adulthood, which leads them to figure out what they want to be in the future. This time period is very important because it helps them […]

Person’s Identity

(Visualize us, n.d.)         Each one of us has his or her own identity that is different from others. There are different people, so there are different identities. However, a person’s identity itself is always changing depending on many things. We realize that Identity is multi-faceted, and includes many traits in each person, which depend […]

Giving Effective Feedback

(Newton, 2013)         In everyday situations, people need to give feedback for each other because it is a good way to improve themselves. Through this exchange between each other people can get a better understanding about what they do. Sometimes, they want to know if  they are doing well or not, because they may […]